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                                        Your Pet can stay in the comfort of your own home while you are away!                                                               Last Website Update Nov/2018
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What areas does Happy Returns service?
My business is based on local service, I get many inquiries from Calgary even Brooks.  In order to keep the service personalised and give as much attention to each homeowners castle or furry friends as a rule I do not accept bookings outside of these service areas.  Strathmore, Cheadle, Namaka, Ardenode, Nightingale, and Lyalta.  Under special request and if the stars align correctly I have also done certain clients in Langdon, Standard, and Chestermere.  The farther it is away the more each trip costs, so there may be extra charges for km's depending on client's location.  Call or e-mail or text to ask any questions, I will always answer each inquiry.
Is Happy Returns a licensed and bonded business?
Happy Returns is a licensed business in the Town of Strathmore.  While I have looked into being bonded the costs are prohibitive, and I prefer to work on referrals, references, and trust.  The nature of my business is such that I am usually not in a clients house for more than 1/2 hour at a time, so the owners insurance covers any mishaps.  I have many positive references, both here and on my facebook page.  As I said I work on trust and client satisfaction, if your unsatisfied in any way I will address any concerns personally.
Do you just look after pets like dogs, cats, fish, or?
I have looked after so many different types of animals, over the years.  Obviously dogs and cats are the most common; however, I have looked after horses, ducks, gerbils, guinea pigs, fish, birds, reptiles, and even goats.  Pretty much anything with paws, hooves, fins, scales or feathers.